Featured Artist

Each month, Four Seven Three showcases a different local artist. All art is original and hand-picked by the artists to be displayed gallery-style throughout the bar. We support our local artists by providing them an environment to display, share, and sell their art to the public. It’s our hope that our patrons will choose to enrich their homes and workspaces with the incredible local work of Tulsa’s artistic community.

100% of every sale goes directly to the artist. Four Seven Three does not accept commissions of any kind. For us, it’s about having great local art on the walls, and great local people to come see it.

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Emmy Pollak

Emmy Pollak is an art major at TCC who plans to pursue her longtime dream of becoming a tattoo artist after completing her degree.

When creating her artwork, it brings her back to childhood by giving her the same sense of excitement she felt drawing as a young child. As an adult, art is a way she is still able to experience that pure and innocent enthusiasm, while simultaneously healing her inner child. A lot of these pieces are explorations of different memories and objects that bring a sense of nostalgia. Some memories are painful and some are joyful, and she tends to find both emotions within the same piece. Combining these concepts creates a way for her to see beauty in some of the more difficult experiences in her life. When not painting or drawing Emmy is practicing and writing music or learning a new medium to express herself.